Hall Rental & Catering

Book your next event at The Hilltown German Club!

  • hall> Capacity:
    Our banquet hall on the top floor can accommodate up to 90 people. Outdoor accommodations available as well. Linens provided.

    > Hall Rental Costs:

$200 (member rate) / $250 (non-member rate) - deposit required to reserve your date, no refunds if event is cancelled. Final payment is due the day of the event.

> Club / Hall Rules:
   - No alcoholic beverage are allowed to be brought into the building or removed from the building. (prohibited by LCB laws)
   - Hall renter is responsible for all guests.
   - No confetti allowed.
   - Downstairs bar is for members only.
   - No children allowed downstairs (restrooms only) without a parent
   - The German Club is a non-smoking establishment

> Catering:
   - Condiments & paper products will be provided (50 person minimum / 100 person maximum)
   - Charge for Cook:  $50
   - Per Person Cost:  $12
   - Pick (2) from the following Main Menu:  Hot Roast Beef, Meatballs, Kielbasa, Lasagna, Baked Ziti (Includes: rolls, parmesan cheese, horseradish, full pans)
   - Hot Turkey Available - two either baked or pulled (market price).  Pick (2): green salad and dressings, macaroni salad, red potato,  or coleslaw.
   - Cheese tray (3lbs) available for sandwiches $15
   - Coffee: 42 cups, 2 creamers, sugar, and cups $25
   - Extras: Vegetable platter, chips, pretzels, pepperoni/ring bologna & cheese tray, or a fruit tray
                  5 lb or 10 lb shrimp tray with lemons and cocktail sauce
                  Crock of baked beans
                  Rolled lunch meat and cheese tray w/rolls (turkey, roast beef, ham, american, swiss, or provolone) Meat and cheese price is per pound.

> Bar:
  - Bartender $60.00 if alcohol is to be served.
  - Open soda fountain with the bar.
  - NO Alcohol, beer, and or wine allowed to be brought into or taken out of the building!
  - Open bar or Cash bar (Kegs, Mixed cases, Mixed drinks and wine)

*Please remember that this is a PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP CLUB and all party members are only allowed in the rented hall area.
* All prices are subject to change at any time.

>> Questions or To Schedule Your Next Event - Contact Us at (215) 822-9193